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There are six primary materials available that fall into two basic categories; styrenic and olefinic. More speciality materials are available and what follows below is a guideline. Please contact your local FFI representative for exact and specific information.

Material Trade NameMaterial Full Name/DiscriptionRelative Cost - Basic Function


EPSExpanded PolystyreneLow cost basic cushioning/blocking and bracing
ArcelĀ® Polystyrene/Polyethylene Co-PolymerMedium cost and somewhat resilient (more than EPS) and very durable (tough)
EPPExpanded PolypropyleneHigher cost and very resilient - general purpose resilient material
EPEExpanded PolyethyleneHigher cost and very resilient - soft and good shear strength too (very low wt. and high wt. applications)

The relative costs are only intended to be a helpful predictive index.  In fact, the higher cost resins don't always turn out to be that way... For example, if migrating into a higher cost resin avoids product damage or reduces the overall package size, the net cost of the pack could actually be less than that of a lower cost material.  In the end, each product, it's fragility and logistics profile dictate material choice.  It boils down to a cost/performance trade off.


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