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Molded foam and our environment

For more than 50 years, the effectiveness of EPS has been proven in numerous packaging applications used by a wide variety of industries, from consumer product manufacturers and catalog shipping companies to aircraft parts. Lightweight EPS is ideal for these packaging applications due to its physical properties, in particular its cushioning characteristics, dimensional stability and its thermal and moisture resistance.

Most all materials have some sort of environmental impact.  The questions become:

  • What is the impact and how serious is it?
  • What service (offsetting benefit) does the material provide?

Molded foams are inert. They are 95% air! Does this mean they have no environmental impact? No. Like any material they must be treated and disposed of responsibly.  But the facts remain... molded foams are safe, clean, light-weight and not dangerous in any way.

Custom-molded EPS interior packaging has been highly effective in protecting sensitive electronic components, consumer goods and office equipment; its moldability allows interior packaging components to hold products snugly in place. High insulating properties and moisture resistance have made EPS a popular choice in the food packaging, medical and pharmaceutical industries. EPS is also used to protect a myriad of other products used for component assembly, during internal distribution and storage and delivery to the end user.


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