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Consumer Goods

Molded foam is great at protecting anything from the smallest parts to large bulky items. It can be molded at incredibly tight tolerances for even the most delicate of parts. It offers exceptional cushioning properties and strength, yet is incredibly light. This saves on breakage and shipping costs. Molded foam can be shaped into just about any form, which allows for superior protection and labor-savings. One of the key benefits of molded foam is its, "moldability". This capitalizes on the feature of providing shock-absorbing packaging that is unique to your application. By shaping the material in specially-designed molds, we can incorporate a precision fit with proven packaging techniques to attain the highest level of protection. Savings are gained through less product damage from shipping and handling.






Molded foam serves many markets!

  • Furniture; used as the furniture itself in some cases and packaging in others.
  • Lawn/Garden; packaging for items like weed-trimmers…
  • Toys
  • Cookware
  • Lamps and Ceiling fans
  • Framed Pictures and Picture Frames
  • Small Arms and Ammunition
  • Wine and Beverages; UPS’able shippers, etc…
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