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Our Story

Foam Fabricators began in 1957 as a single plant molding a very new material, expanded polystyrene (EPS), into ice chests and swim toys. Today, we are a coast-to-coast network of state-of-the-art molding and fabricating plants that provide a variety of industries with economical and efficient shape molded and fabricated foam products, packaging and components. For more than 50 years, we have led the industry's growth in new applications, new foams, and new technology. Instrumental in our leadership are our design and testing centers. Each is staffed with degreed packaging engineers and fully equipped with the latest in fabrication drop testing, computerized data acquisition and computerized part design and drawing systems.

Our "Brand"

Intel, Kodak, Microsoft and Boeing... what do they have in common? They’re not only companies - they are “brands.”  At Foam Fabricators we feel that that a brand, in order to be relevant and sustainable over time, must function much like company culture. This belief has led to our version of a brand/culture which is; developing long term relationships with customers based on competitive prices, top quality and overall reliability.

Fair prices (not too high or too low) has led to dependable quality and the ability of both our customers, and employees, to count on us. We’ve been in business since 1957 and operating under the same private ownership for over twenty years.

Another tenant of ours is the belief that "If a business is not willing to change, it's going to die." How have we changed our business over time? Customer diversification. No customer comprises more than 11% of our overall business. And we serve a vast multitude of markets and industries. Each of them has taught us, stretched us and strengthened us over time.

Our senior managers average twenty five years of industry experience and each one of them average eighteen years with Foam Fabricators. They are the structure upon which our efficiency, diversification and dependability are built upon. So in the end our “brand” and our culture are one and the same. We’re fair, efficient, diverse and dependable – that’s our brand and it’s who we really are.

Our brand served us well in our first fifty years of business and we suspect it will in the next fifty too



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