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Good molded designs are driven by establishing a solid foundation and keeping it simple.


We can mold parts that do not adhere to the design guideline (below) however they may not be efficient or low cost.  On the other hand, if a difficult part design (high cost) has offsetting cost benefits to your company, that may be a good trade-off.  If this is the case, you'll want to contact our technical staff email a plant near you to confirm moldability.

If your aim is a low cost part, making it easy to mold for us is the best starting point.  Following the design guidelines below will also make for a simple (low-cost) tool.


 Design Guide

Red part = problem areas

1) No draft

2) Wall section too thick, particularly relative to the thinner areas.

3) Hard right angle/sharp corner.

4) Under-cut.

5) Wall section too thin and too tall, particularly relative to the thicker areas.

6) Cavity (and walls) too thin and too tall.


  Green part = corrected areas



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