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JSP has developed a unique form of EPP, which features air pockets, or voids, within the bead structure. Shaped in cylinder form, as opposed to spherical form, Porous EPP (P-EPP) provides distinct advantages in certain applications, including acoustical panels for use in challenging environments.

The cylinder shape of Porous EPP beads lessens the component weight, increases acoustical performance in certain frequency ranges, and results in a very lightweight product with resilience and good structural integrity.

To read more about this unique material follow this link p-epp tech bulletin

 This is a great material for managing noise and is capable working in and around...







                    shock/vibration                                         fire/heat                                           water/moisture

 <Actual molded part for Ford.  Link to supersize (to see close up of beads)

Sound/Acoustic Performance pdf's

  1. Acoustic p-epp vs std epp                                                                                                                                                     
  2. Sound Transmition Loss (STL)
  3. Basic Acoustic Performance (2.8pcf)                                                                                                                                        
  4. Sound Absorption 1" wall/celing (NRC 0.50)

 What might an application be for this material?














With this concept (below) the dishwasher would be much quieter and mgf it would be greatly streamlined!

View or download pdf of this concept (more info than shown here) quiet dishwasher . It's a 4mg file, but worth the wait.

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